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Camila’s Hauling and Recycling

January 27, 2014 Posted by Yard Guy

Not exactly a fixed part of a building, but today I moved an old Xerox 5334 copier to the realm of Craigslist free ads. Two calls within the hour, and the most responsive was Joe, of Camila’s Hauling & Recycling.

Joe was very customer friendly, and asked if I had any car batteries. I gave him five.

Nice truck, big trailer. Looking primarily to haul away metal for recycling it seems.

I would of called Green Mouse Recycling, a great electronics recycling depot at 529 Race Street near Parkmoor Avenue. I’ve taken lots of stuff there, but would of had to arrange for a pickup as I couldn’t get this thing into the SUV. I’ll write a bit about Green Mouse at a later date. Green Mouse Recycling is an important local recycling company that provides training and job opportunities to at-risk young adults.

Camilas Hauling