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Future of Vogliazzo House?

February 3, 2014 Posted by Yard Guy

A well-kept Neoclassical Bungalow has been orphaned just north of the Fallon House parking lot for a number of years now. Built by Serefine Vogliazzo about 1908, it sat with three others he built for many years, but now the block has been cleared except for it and the Fallon House. Vogliazzo himself lived next door to the north, and he rented the house out until sold after 1924.

The property is currently owned by John J. Garvey III and is occupied. At last month’s Historic Landmark Commission meeting, a project called St. James Towers was presented for public comment. The project will cover most of the block except for the south end where the Carmen and Thomas Fallon landmark house sits. The relationship between the owner of the house and the developer is not known, but a discussion ensued about the ultimate fate of this building, which is listed on the City’s Historic Resources Inventory.

Vogliazzo House