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Next PACSJ yard sale

February 14, 2014 Posted by Yard Guy

March 13-15 has been set for the date of the next PACSJ yard sale. These are held on South 13th Street, and have a plethora of often interesting salvage items as well as other brickbat at reasonable prices.  From their website:

Preservation Action Council, is hosting its Spring community clear out. Please consider donating your unneeded items to us. This is a garage and salvage sale so there will 4 house-yards full of intriguing and mundane items that need to find new homes. All items are priced so it is easy to shop. Checks accepted! Cash is better! We can provide donation receipts if alerted in advance that you need one and what is being donated. Start sorting through closets, the attic and the basement for the unloved, the unwanted, the still boxed gift from Aunt Molly. We will accept almost anything that can be resold. Must be in working order. Please wait until Valentine’s Day to deliver to my house: 260 South 13th Street. Local pick ups may be scheduled.